Alexander Polyakov (ISR)

  • Alexander Polyakov (ISR)

Short biography:

Alexander Polyakov is a cybersecurity expert and serial entrepreneur. He has over 15 years of practical experience in cybersecurity from pentesting, researching, compliance. security engineering, product management, architectures to technology leadership. He is a member of Forbes Technology Council and a Forbes columnist, wherein he publishes his vision for the future vision. He has been recognized as Entrepreneur and R&D Professional of the Year by various awards. His expertise covers cybersecurity aspects of various complex systems from enterprise applications and industry-specific systems to AI, ML, and future technologies. He has found over 200 vulnerabilities, published dozens of whitepapers, released two books, two MMOC trainings including the first AI Security training and held multiple training sessions, that were attended by Fortune 2000 CISO’s. He also presented his researches at more than 100 conferences, such as BlackHat, HITB, and RSA held in over 30 countries in on all continents. Besides cybersecurity, his areas of interest are AI, Neuroscience, synthetic biology, and psychology. When it comes to AI security, his articles published in Medium are on the first page of Google searches. He was the first cybersecurity expert to feature AI security as a keynote for a cybersecurity conference.