Swaroop Yermalkar (IND)

  • Swaroop Yermalkar (IND)

Short biography:

Swaroop is a Head of Cyber Security at HackerU, India. In addition, he has authored the book “Learning iOS Pentesting” and lead an open source project – OWASP iGoat which is developed for iOS security. He is one of the top pentesters worldwide, working with Cobalt.io, Synack.inc. He has given talks and workshops at many security conferences including DEFCON 27 (AppSec Village), kazhackstan 2019, AppSec Israel 2018, AppSec USA 2018, AppSec USA 2017, BruCON, SEC-T, EuropeanSec, Hacks in Taiwan (HITCON), GroundZero, c0c0n, 0x90, GNUnify, etc. More details at https://swaroopsy.com/ .